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Create your own NetFlix! For free ( Part: 05 ) A combination of Seedbox + Plex Media Server

Seedbox + Plex Media Server

How are you all? Hope everybody on this site also had a great day. As we saw in the last part, “How to Stream with Plex” , if anyone has not seen the last part, you must watch it otherwise you will have trouble understanding. And today I will show you the combination of “Seedbox + Plex Media Server

I am going to discuss the fifth episode of this chain tune for your complete guideline and through this chain tune I will show you a complete guide on “How to make your own NetFlix! Free” . So let’s get back to the basics without delay.

5. A combination of Seedbox + Plex Media Server

We can’t access our media collection all the time, or because we’re too busy, or because we’re away from the media file. And this is why local server is a very good option to control your own files near or far. And if you want to have more control over upload / download speed and security, you must have a local server.

The local server is in trouble again. Because you have to do a lot more (including infrastructure, electrical, updating, security, etc.) to install the server, buy expensive hardware, and do 100% maintenance, which is very expensive and difficult to do.

Despite some disadvantages of local server, it has many advantages. However, instead of our own local server, we can use Plex in cloud based software and servers. This means that we have Plex installed on our local server or our own PC for so long that Plex will be installed on a cloud server and all your media files will be stored on that cloud server. This allows you to easily access and play Mia Media from any device at any time.

You have already used different types of cloud based apps such as: Email, Storage, Social media, etc., and just like a cloud based apps in Plex, you don’t have to get much speed to use Plex in the air.

With Seed Box with Plex on your cloud server, you can download and manage various media such as music, movies, videos at high speed from different sources such as torrent or any other media site. And Plex will automatically index them and present them to you.

These two tools for your media server, Seedbox + Plex, can be an unimaginable combination.

What is Seedbox ?

Seedbox is a cloud based server, and with Seedbox you get all of the following benefits and you can create more interactive servers:

  1. Server maintenance and upgrades
  2. Creating expandable storage space
  3. Opportunity to use remote accessible data
  4. Security and security of online identity
  5. Powerful resources.

By installing Seedbox you can store and load your media collection directly from the Internet at the same time ensuring its complete security.

5.1 How to get started with Seedbox Server

There are several service providers on the web that provide Seedbox services. If you do a little search on the web, you can choose the provider of your choice. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. If you want, you can buy your own VPS and install your own Seedbox and Plex. But for that you need to have experience installing software on your server yourself. However, for general users, it is better to buy Ready Made from Seedbox providers for a monthly charge as you do not have to install the application separately, so you can save valuable time as the Plex application is pre-installed in this Seedbox.

  1. In the first step, you can connect to Seedbox using any remote desktop application from your home, such as Windows Remote Desktop or X2Go Client.
  2. Now you open the pre-installed local Plex Server, usually by going to this link from your browser .
  3. Now you login with your Plex account information or create a new account.

Notice in the image below, a pre-configured cloud-based Seedbox will connect your Plex Central Server to collect your media information. When Seedbox collects all your media information, you can connect to Plex Server through any one client device.

If you want, you can ensure the security of the server through VPN. However, how you connect to your server via VPN is not discussed in this tune. However, advanced users can search the web or those who have an idea about the subject can do it effortlessly. I will discuss in another tune how you can connect to the server via VPN.

When you store all your media content in Seedbox, you can play your media content directly from the client’s web browser.

VPS / Seedbox is a remote server designed to provide P2P or torrenting services and is of two types, namely: Dedicated and Shared Server.

When all resources are stored on one server and that resource serves only one user at a time, it is called a dedicated server. And such servers are usually rented with certain memory, storage and bandwidth.

A shared VPS, on the other hand, is a server where all of the server’s resources are shared with other users. For example, a physical server that can host many web sites.

5.2 How to Load Media Content Seedbox

One of the benefits of Seedboxes is that you can download or upload media content. As a result, you no longer have to bother updating media files, which will be done automatically from Seedboxes. As mentioned earlier, Seedboxes were created for the purpose of downloading and uploading from torrent. And so, Seedboxes will give you high speed internet connection and 24/7 service so that you can choose Seedboxes from your mind.

How to load content from Seedbox for Plex Media Server?

  1. Download via Media Content, Private Tracker: There are some private Torrent Trackers that require more upload speed of your internet, and Seedbox is specially made for Torrent, that’s why Seedbox is a perfect solution because it is always active. Stays. And with Seedbox, you can do all the torrent activity through Remote Torrent Management, so you don’t have to install any additional torrent software.
  2. With the help of your Home Media Collection, Secured FTP or File Sync Upload:  You can upload all the media in your collection to Seedbox via Secured FTP or File Sync. Wherever you are, you can view all your media files from anywhere through Secure Remote Connection. Similarly, with Seedbox you can download all the media content of your Seedbox through secure FTP (File Sync Mechanism), so you don’t have to use any P2P port and you can keep your Identity 100% Hidden or Anonymous.
So far today we have seen  “Seedbox + Plex Media Server Combination” in the  next episode  “Plex Optimize and Plex Automation” .
If you have any questions, ask at the tunement, tune in, share the tune, and stay with

The End


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