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Happiness is within reach! IPhone SE (2020)

Just a few days ago, OnePlus came up with their flagship series OnePlus 6 and 7 Pro . This series has been at the center of everyone’s discussion for a few days now. However, without cutting its resh, this time the tech giant ‘Apple’s’ attractive budget smartphone, iPhone SE (2020) has been added .

In my opinion, Apple has come up with this phone to beat the Chinese mobile companies in the budget category. We saw them release their first special edition or SE in March 2017 . That phone is still used by many. So after all these years this ২0২0 came in the 4 years after the release of the Special Edition of the new smartphone Apple will do it, let’s take a look at a glance.

IPhone SE Design And Build Quality

At the beginning of the discussion, let’s talk about the design and build quality of this smartphone Phone classic designs have been around to see the iPhone 8 ‘s, like, almost the iPhone 8 to ribrandeda version. The front and back-sides are made entirely of glass and the frame is made of aluminum, with no headphone jack. On the back-side we get Apple’s famous logo and single camera set-up.
The phone is IP 67 rating organizations, we know that the IP rating of the flagship grade is very important for the phone. Therefore, getting wet in the rain or taking pictures from 1 meter of water will not be a problem. At the same time, the base-variant price is only ৩ 399 , we get the wireless charging facility, and the box has a charger of only 5W . However, the phone will also support fast charging of 18W . Then 50% can be charged within 30 minutes. The phone also has a second generation Touch ID sensor.


As a display we get a 4.6 inch HD + LCD panel. With a 4.6- inch and LCD display, this phone is getting less and less criticism. However, since the phone has 625 net brightness and its pixel density is 326 ppi . So hopefully users will not be so disappointed.

IPhone SE Processor

Now let’s talk about a main power consumer processor. I think the main selling point of this phone will be its processor, because there are 13 bionic processors in the latest iPhone It is a hexa-core processor built on an 8-nanometer architecture, a chipset previously used by Apple on their iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max . This is such a low budget smartphone flagship processor is really surprising, because the Snapdragon 865 processor to keep the price of the phone, Apple is more than 550 dollars so low-budget 13 Bionic chipset.

IPhone SE camera

Now we’ve seen the camera front sections 7 megapixel camera selaphi the aperture 22 and the rear camera can be 1 -megapixel camera with a wide-engela the aperture is 1.8 . In a word, we have the camera section just like the iPhone 10 . There’s nothing to say about the iPhone’s camera quality, because they’ve never been disappointed.

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IPhone SE Battery

And getting a 1621 mAh non-removable battery as a battery is a cause of frustration for many. However, according to Apple’s website, this phone can play video for up to 13 hours with full charge and audio can be played up to 40 hours. But I don’t think this phone will be a good option for gaming.

IPhone SE Color

This phone will be available in three colors. White , black and red . Some of the dividends from the red phone will go to the Global Fund for Covid-19 . The iPhone ২0২0 SEO friends are 3 variants, respectively the price of 64 GB ( 399 dollars), 128 GB ( 449 dollars), 56 GB ( 549 dollars). Converting the dollar rate to Bangladeshi taka, the price seems to be much higher, but looking at the latest processor and specifications of the iPhone, it can be said that it can be used well in the following 4 years 

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