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How To Make Money On Youtube Without Monetization 2020

How To Make Money On youtube 2020

A few ways to earn on YouTube without monetization

You may have tried a lot for monetization on YouTube but you are not getting it. Again, maybe your channel has a lot of views but no monetization. So today I will share with you how to make money from YouTube without Adsense.

In foreign countries, Adsense is not considered as their main source of income, but in our country, those who work on YouTube consider Adsense as their only source of income. You can earn 10 times more money from AdSense by using YouTube, so let’s find out about some ways to earn money from YouTube besides AdSense.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have any idea about the income of those who are affiliate marketing, then you know for sure how much they earn, and if you do not know, a mid-level affiliate marketer is earning a Six Digit figure every month. But did you know that YouTube is one of the sources of affiliate marketing traffic? If you do not understand the subject of affiliate marketing, then I will explain briefly:

Suppose you promoted a product of a company online on your website or blog and a visitor bought that product and the company paid you a certain amount of commission. This is affiliate marketing.

The question is how can you do affiliate marketing on YouTube? The matter is not very difficult, select a good affiliate company then open an account there, then select the niche from their various products what kind of product you want to promote. Now start making videos according to your affiliate product, you can make videos with product reviews, product information, etc.

Now start uploading videos to your channel and provide your affiliate link in the description. This is how you can do affiliate marketing on YouTube.

Let’s say your channel has a lot of viewers but you don’t have monetization, so you don’t know how to use this channel for affiliate marketing.

Suppose your channel is fish or fish related and your video has a lot of views, you can give affiliate link of fishing wheel, fishing tool, fishing net, fishing rod, fishing gear from Amazon affiliate in the video description. If a viewer buys a product from Amazon by clicking on your affiliate link, you will receive a sale commission on your Amazon affiliate account. This way you can use your YouTube channel to do affiliate marketing.

Having a few good affiliate marketing sites

Digital Product Selling

Sharing from my own experience, I have some courses in uDemi, in the beginning the course cell was very low, i have a tech channel on youtube related tutorials related to the descriptions of videos I gave links to some of my uDemi courses, noticed the course cell in uDemi Is growing If you are a graphic designer or web designer or SEO expert, you can also upload a video like that friend of mine and give it to your contact email so that you don’t have to look for a buyer for the job, the buyer will find you.

Selling Own Product

I have an appu, and he has a YouTube channel in Bangla, his channel is basically makeup-beauty related. His channel has a good number of subscribers and most of its subscribers are from Bangladesh. During last Eid, Apu brought some three-pieces and published a three-piece related video on her channel and placed an advertisement at the end of the video if anyone wants to buy three-pieces. But let him communicate. Last Eid Apu sold 3 thripees. You can also sell any of your products in a way that you want using your YouTube channel.

You can also earn good money from sponsorship, crowdfunding, and screen view.

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