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The MalwareHunter team, a security researcher team, finds out the malware. Technically advanced malware prevents the computer from launching. The malware named Covid-1 attacks the computer in two steps.

The first step is to display a message in a window, which cannot be closed in any way. This is because Windows keeps Task Manager from being disabled. Malware is rewritten by the computer's master boot record (MBR) when users are busy closing the window. As a result, a special app is needed to access the computer. The computer can be activated by making MBR again through the app.

Also, there is another type of malware to rewrite MBR. This creates more complex problems. The malware seizes the computer and steals the password. After the data is stolen, the malware is re-entered to write to MBR. It allows users to see ransom notes and cannot access the computer.

Data wipers

The MalwareHunter team has found two more types of MBR rewriters in the Coronavirus theme. Look for one in February. Its filename was in Chinese. The victims were Chinese as well. The second was identified this week. Someone from Italy uploads malware to a portal called Virus Total.

MalwareHunter Team says malware is not very powerful for deleting files from infected computers. But spreading them can cause problems.

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