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Life hack! Turn Old Android Phone Into Security Camera! The Best Aps Haven Turn Old Android Phone Into Security Camera

In this tune today I will talk about how to utilize the old telephone as a surveillance camera. An Android phone gets old following 2-4 years of utilization and we leave it at that. In the event that you have a phone that you have left, you can make it today with a surveillance camera, second screen for PC, and standardized identification scanner. 

What is Haven? 

Sanctuary is a free Android application that will transform your Android phone into a surveillance camera. Curiously, it will chip away at adaptation 4.00 and later. It can exploit utilizing Android equipment. It can utilize the equipment of the telephone to catch video, Motion, shake all the highlights can be utilized well. At the point when this application recognizes any development or movement it will quickly send a screen capture alongside the opportunity to your phone notice.


Google Play store link : Haven

How to utilize? 

Establishment of this application isn’t as troublesome as any surveillance camera. It is anything but difficult to utilize. Keep your telephone charged at explicit areas around the house and increment security. 

You can do the accompanying arrangements through this application

  1. Motion Detection: You can save your motion sensitivity by turning on the phone’s camera.
  2. Voice Detection: This allows you to set the audio detection sensitivity.
  3. Shake Detection: With this you can set the shake sensitivity level of the phone. Today Recent Post Visit Now )

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Allows you to configure more simultaneously, such as,

  1. Storage folder
  2. Delay Time to start detection
  3. Enable/disable video monitoring
  4. Set video monitor length
  5. Select camera for surveillance
  6. Configure with a Single account for alerts
  7. Disable battery optimization

Let’s take a look at how the security camera will make the old phone using the Haven app.

Stage: 1

First install the Haven app from the Play Store.

Stage: 02

Start Now with time.

Stage: 03 

We should investigate the various setups. Here you can see the capacity organizer, Disable battery enhancement choices are given. In the event that you need from here, you can turn on video observing just as set the cutoff. You can utilize the two cameras as surveillance cameras.

You can choose your phone number where you need to get notices.

Add your phone number.

Stage: 04 

With Shake Detection you can know whether any unsavory occurrence is going on in your home.

This application will make a log when it identifies something startling. In the event that it recognizes movement or shake, it will take a screen capture of that time and on the off chance that it identifies voice, it will record that voice. And this you will discover in the Log segment. 
A few focal points of Haven 

How about we discover why you should utilize this Haven application. What’s more, some of Haven ‘s points of interest. 

01. You can utilize the old phone

02. The application will likewise deal with low RAM phones

03. Will give the advantage of paid application for nothing

Final word 

Since the old phones are of no utilization to us, so they can make something extraordinary. 

Remain well until the following tune. Everybody will know to spare us from the present emergency that is going on the grounds that lone your mindfulness can spare all of us from an awful circumstance. All stay at home and put your trust in Allah, Allah Ha-Fez.

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