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The Best Module App For Root Users 2020

best apps to root android

Do you use Android set without root? Such people can hardly be found! Just as the rooted Android set has many advantages and benefits, there are also harmful things! However, today I will not discuss the pros and cons of the route! Today I will discuss Exposed Module Firmwork!

Exposed Module Framework is a rooted app that allows you to further customize or customize your rooted Android set.

For example, every time you connect your set to a PC with a USB cable, it shows a fao junk warney, you can turn it off, you can increase the volume of your set even more, you can see the speed of CPU temperature in the notification bar, even the sets that are not upgraded to Android You can upgrade to the new version!

But let’s not take another risk in life!


First install the exposed software on your Android device from the following link:

Open the exposed app, give root permission.

Now press the Framework tab.

Now press the Install / Update tab. Once installed, your set will reboot automatically.

Now you just have to set and download the module or the options of your choice. The modules are similar to standard ‍apk files but they will not work without exposed frameworks.

Now the work is done only after activating the downloaded and installed modules!

You can save the modules directly to your device directly from the download section of Exposed App or you can also download the modules with PC.

Here are some of my favorite modules and their links below: ( You can edit the modules from this link with PC )

Insert Custom Text [KK] [LP]

With this module, you can place any message or text you want in the status and notification bar of your Android device. However, this module will only work on Android Lollipop and KitKat versions.

Link: Link:

YouTube AdAway

With this module, you can remove all the ads, channel logos, video suggestions, etc. from the YouTube app on your Android device.


Fake Wifi Connection:

Many times many apps are needed to launch or play a game “Hudai” net connection. But it is very difficult to get Wi-Fi when you are out of the house or traveling. Although now almost all railway stations in Bangladesh have free Wi-Fi, but you do not understand the speed.

With this module you can keep fake Wi-Fi connected to your device. For example, the multiplayer of Real Racing 3 game cannot be launched without Wi-Fi. But using this module you can play GP’s 2G net game.


Device Faker

The FIFA 16 game is already on the Playstore, but you can’t download the game from the Playstore on your Symphony or China brand dual core set. But using this device thrower module, you can set the set band, model, etc. as you wish. For example, I converted my Galaxy S4 to S7 EDGE Plus! Now Google Play Store will think I have 4 GB RAM in my set! But in fact. Hehehe!


Also, from thousands of other modules, customize your Android device with the module of your choice. I’m sorry to have tuned in to this topic before, I didn’t have time to watch the previous tunes! And I hope that those who already know and are using this module system will pass on your valuable feedback on the module to Tument.

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