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Almost all of us use software on computers or smartphones. There are many websites for downloading free software online. However, many people do not use paid software because of money.

There are numerous websites online that offer benefits to those who are willing to use paid software for free. So today we came up with the top 5 websites to find paid online software for free.

1. TickCoupon

Tickcoupon is a great website for downloading paid software. In addition to giving the software for free, they also provide discounts and coupon codes.

This website is quite tidy. You can easily find the software of your choice. All of them have been categorized as software security, utility, audio / video / photo etc. In addition to Windows and Mobile, they have separate sections for Mac. Website link

2. Giveaway-Club

Giveaway-Club is also a popular website. However, they offer paid software for free only for one or two days or for a limited time. So if you visit this website regularly, don't miss any software.

All software is divided into 3 categories namely: Windows, Games and Mac. As a result, you can download the software of your choice depending on your needs. Website link

3. ShareWareOnSale

This is a great website for free and paid software. They provide free and discounted software. This site has one free software every day and you can download these free softwares from the website later.

There are various software for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS platforms. Website link

4. Techno360

This site is also a great website for free download. It provides software for Windows and Mac. They also provide a one-year license to use paid software for free. Website link

5. GiveawayOfTheDay

GiveAwayOfTheDay They have been providing free software to users for almost 5 years. They provide one or two free software every day.

The software is usually available on the website for 24 hours download. If you do not want to miss any of their software, you can take advantage of their newsletter. With this you will get every update in the email. They also provide Android and iOS apps as well as PCs. Website link

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