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Iphone New Airpods Feature 

Since iOS 14's beta discharge yesterday, we've figured out how to reveal an entire host of energizing new highlights, from hotly anticipated gadgets to cunning new controls like Back Tap. We've additionally observed enhancements to the AirPod experience, including improved gadget exchanging and some cool encompass sound reproduction. Notwithstanding, that isn't all that Apple is making arrangements for its well known remote earbuds. 

A screen capture from programming engineer Hüseyin Iyibaş uncovers a recognizable component that is making a rebound for AirPods, and that element is as a matter of fact Optimized Battery Charging. 

New Airpods

On the off chance that you review, the element, which previously appeared on iPhone and iPad gadgets a year ago, utilizes AI to learn and envision your timetable to advance the charging plan and lessen the weight on the battery. For instance, in the event that you leave your gadget connected for the time being, it'll quit charging at around 80% and afterward stop for a piece to ensure it gets to 100% around the time you typically unplug. 

It's positively a clever component and a brilliant method to expand your battery's exhibition, yet it's much progressively huge with regards to remote earbuds. Most present day cell phones have batteries that are fit for performing at or close to top limit with regards to years, and they're furnished with keen programming to keep it running fit as a fiddle. In any case, the story's somewhat extraordinary with AirPods

Indeed, one of our surveys found that practically 60% of respondents saw their AirPods decay definitely in the battery life office—and the batteries can't be supplanted, which means proprietors should dish out somewhere in the range of 30 to 140 dollars to get them supplanted, contingent upon the guarantee. 

That is the reason any approach to expand the AirPods' drawn out battery life can be a huge arrangement, and we're happy to see Apple utilizing programming stunts to achieve that. Obviously, adornments with a termination date will never be the perfect arrangement, however it's a stage forward, in any event. 

Which iOS 14 element energizes you the most? Peruse progressively about a portion of our top choices here.

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