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With the third-age ROG Phone directly around the bend, we don't anticipate that a great deal of intrigue should wait on among bad-to-the-bone versatile gamers for the principal version of this total stalwart that Asus discharged right in 2018. 

Yet, it doesn't take a clairvoyant to foresee the 5G-empowered Asus ROG Phone 3 will presumably begin at once again a thousand bucks in the US with an overclocked Snapdragon 865 processor in the engine and three cameras slapped on its back, which makes the OG ROG Phone a convincing incentive at the low cost of $349.99. 

That may not seem like a tremendous rebate over the 400 bucks charged by Microsoft for a similar handset over a half year prior, yet that was really the passage level 128GB Storage variation and now you can purchase the advanced hoarder-accommodating 512 GB arrangement at $350

We're discussing shiny new, unused, unopened, and intact units sold in their unique bundling with opened help for all significant US bearers, mind you, and on the off chance that you're pondering, this equivalent accurate variant of 2018's Asus ROG Phone resembled a truly OK Cyber Monday 2019 arrangement at $650. 

For $300 not as much as that, you can indeed shop on Microsoft's legitimate eBay Outlet Store and score one of the inside and out best and quickest sub-$400 cell phones on the planet right now with definitely no surprises. 

Aside from a quite eccentric plan that you can decide to love or detest contingent upon your attachment to forceful looking gaming gear, the primary gen Asus ROG Phone has a Snapdragon 845 SoC making it work, just as a liberal 8GB RAM tally, smooth 90Hz 6-inch AMOLED show, appropriately measured 4,000mAh battery with quick charging help, super-amazing front-terminating sound system speakers, and indeed, even an earphone jack that the ROG Phone 3 is required to manage without. 

Without a doubt, the camera execution isn't comparable to most present day high-enders, and we wouldn't hold our breath for an official Android 10 update, yet at $350, the processor, memory, and extra room alone make the ROG Phone an out and out take.

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