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Google has quite recently affirmed a Nest related declaration for July 13, however that shouldn't be astonishing thinking about that the brilliant speaker released a couple of days prior. Truth be told, an official secret has been discharged not long after the up and coming Google Nest was spotted at the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). 

Not long after that, a tweet went live on the Google Nest account that contains another exceptionally short mystery and a proposal that we ought to get ready for "something unique" this Monday. Since we definitely recognize what the new Nest resembles, we're restless to realize what's going on within and the amount it will cost. 

The forthcoming Google Nest will embrace a similar structure as the first Home Mini, in spite of the fact that it's said to pack bigger speakers. A physical catch is additionally part of the speaker's plan, yet that is all we know so far about the keen speaker. 

We anticipate that Google should begin taking pre-arranges quickly or not long after the new Nest brilliant speaker goes official, yet we're trusting it won't be the main gadget the Mountain View organization will uncover tomorrow.

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