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Even only 20 years ago, all the backing activities, money transactions and all financial activities in Bangladesh were done non-virtually! And now! Students of class 7/8 have also learned to develop now! In this age of information technology, everything sensitive and confidential in our lives is now online.

From backing activities to money transactions, filling up college forms, paying for shopping, all kinds of complex tasks have also come into virtual life nowadays. Although complex tasks have become virtually easy, on the other hand, the security aspect of tasks is supposed to be easier for us, but in reality, the opposite is happening. For an older person, the tipsay on his bank account or the security system of his signature will be easier to understand than the multistep password system of online backing!

So we should all take the issue of online security seriously. And the thing with which we are almost always connected online very easily is our smartphone!

Our smartphones contain all the important and useless information of our life. And so first of all we should keep our smartphones safe! Protecting means keeping the smartphone safe from various hackers.

And in the current era, encryption systems are being used to stay safe online. With the advent of this encryption system in our iOS and Android operating systems nowadays, we now have the opportunity to keep our smartphones as safe as possible from hacking! Don't know how to encrypt your smartphone? Then today's tune is for you! So let's move on to today's tune topic without further ado.

Why use an encryption system?

For those who are less experienced in IT or information technology or information technology, the issue of encryption may seem different. Normal password systems seem boring to them at times and they often forget simple passwords. In the meantime, using an encryption system, you can isolate your data in a way that you can't access without decryption.

This is how any national data can be kept most secure through encryption. By encrypting your credit card information, passwords, private messages, photos and other confidential and sensitive things, you can protect them from hacking.

With encryption, the data is taken to extra difficult steps where hacking becomes almost impossible. Encryption takes your smartphone's data to unreadable and scrambled formats! Brutal force attack is one of the most widely used ways for hackers to hack into smartphones. Attempts are made to hack all possible password combinations. But since encryption protects data without a password, it is not possible to hack in this way.

How to encrypt iOS device:

The latest update of iOS has given iOS 11 data encryption by default. This means that even if you only use a simple password or pattern lock system on your iOS device, the smartphone will automatically encrypt the data and decrypt the data as needed.

This is why many people think that version 11 of iOS seems slow! However, to use the encryption feature on iOS devices, you must first use a passcode on the device. Here you can use 4 digit or 8 digit passcode. After entering the passcode, Apple's encryption feature Data Protection will be automatically turned on for your device.

To confirm this, after setting up the passcode you go to the Touch ID & Passcode page of your device and at the bottom you will see the text " Data Protection is enabled" ! You can also setup the destructive feature of iOS if you want. If you turn on the Erase Data feature, if you enter your passcode incorrectly 10 times, the data on your iOS device will be deleted automatically! You can use this feature to protect the device's data in case the phone is stolen.

How to use the encryption system on Android devices:

The most expensive and newer Android devices of the present era also have encryption system introduced by default and you have no chance to exclude these devices from the encryption system. However, if you have not already enabled this encryption system on your Android device and you want to enable the encryption system on your device, then follow the steps below.

But before encrypting Android, there are 3 things to keep in mind:

1) Performance may be slow: Once the device is encrypted, the data is decrypted and presented to you as on-the-go and on-the-fly. This process may cause your device to be slightly slower. However, if your device is powerful, it will not have any effect on the performance of your device.

2) One-way encryption: If you manually activate the encryption system manually, the device will have to perform a factory reset to free the encryption completely! So think 10 times before encrypting.

3) Rooted Android: If your device is rooted, you must unroot your device before starting the encryption system. If you use the data encryption feature on the rooted device, you will face many problems! So first un-root the device, then turn on the encryption system and then root the set again.

And the encryption process can take more than 40 minutes, depending on the performance of your device and the data on your device. So when the battery charge of the device is full then start the encryption process. By default, the Android system will not allow you to start encryption without a 60% charge!


Go to your device's Settings menu and from there go to Security. If your device is already encrypted, you can see it here. If not, select the Encrypt Phone option and start the encryption process.

Note: If you do not have the Encryption setting on your device, then your Android version does not support this feature. This feature is available from Android 8.0.

The next screen will show you some encryption warnings that I have already told you. Now start the process by pressing the ENCRYPT PHONE button.

Hahaha! The next screen will also show the final warning about your encryption! If you are still not scared then start the final process by pressing the ENCRYPT PHONE button.

Your device will reboot and the encryption process will start. It will also show you the progress bar and how long it will take. From which you can get an idea of ​​exactly how long it will take for the process to be completed. You can leave the device in the gap and come to have tea and breakfast!

When the process is complete, your device will be turned on and the encryption system will be ready for your device! To be sure, you can go to the settings and go to the security options!

So this way you can protect your smartphone data and important information through encryption. But do you need an encryption system or is a simple password system perfect for you? Don't forget to let us know in Tumente! So far today! I will come back to your favorite English technology blog Failedboybd with another topic in the future!

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