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Best antivirus for Windows 10

Windows 7 users who have used or have used Windows 8 will see that after installing Windows 8 it will continue to give you a recommendation message to set up an antivirus program. But in Windows 8 and 10 you will not get such message because versions 8 and 10 have a built-in antivirus Windows Defender. Which you can install separately in Windows 7 under the name Microsoft Security Essentials. But is this built-in antivirus reliable? I came to Failedboybd today with a tuner game to discuss this.

PC experts often do not use antivirus! Like me! (Lol) Because I know everything about the way antivirus enters PC and when virus enters PC I can understand that something is wrong with my pc! However, this is not true, because antivirus is not only used to prevent viruses, you should be smart on the PC and whatever you do, you should not use a PC without antivirus if you are browsing the Internet regularly.

And if you are browsing the internet regularly, you must have a good antivirus and a good anti-malware program installed on your PC. Remember that AntiVirus and Anti-malware are two different things and by using these two programs together you can be 99% secure with your PC in today's modern internet age. By using these two things together you can be protected from all the viruses, spyware, ransomware and even PUP (pententially unwanted programs) of today.

When your computer behaves differently, you will normally think that your favorite PC is infected with a virus. There are many types of viruses now, if you know the types of viruses you can avoid them and get rid of the PC faster.

I am starting today's tune with antivirus. So let's go straight to the content of the tune without increasing the role.

Is Windows Defender reliable?

When you install Windows 10 on your PC, you will automatically get Windows Defender, a built-in antivirus. Which will scan all the programs on your PC from time to time, from Windows Update to its upgrade. You can also do in-deep scanning from its own window. And the best part is that this built-in antivirus won't slow down your PC and it will almost always work in the background so you won't notice anything.

And speaking of Microsoft products, it must be good. On top of that, you don't have to worry about using any extra antivirus on your Windows separately.

So, I can say that Windows Defender is enough for you for personal use! All you have to do is upgrade this program regularly. However, if you are a corporate user, then you must use a paid premium antivirus. And Premier Antivirus should be used only if there is no free version in the market. As there is no free version of Kaspersky Antivirus in the market you can use it. But on the other hand the free version of Avast Antivirus comes in the market so it is better not to buy premium with its money, this is my personal opinion!

Give antivirus after antivirus!

Now come with malware! Even a few years ago, only PCs could be safe with antivirus. But the number of free antiviruses in the market has increased so much that virus makers are researching all these free antiviruses to find out their weak points while increasing the virulence of the virus and coming up with new ways to spread the virus. So to be the most secure in the current era, it is important to have a good anti-exploit program with antivirus on your PC. This will protect your web browsers and plug-ins from attack.

I recommend you to use Malwarebytes program as antimalware in this tune. There are free and premium versions of it in the market. For now, it is better to use the free version. The Malwarebytes program has an anti-exploit feature that detects and blocks exploit points in programs. And there is the PUP feature. The program also includes anit-ransomware that can protect your PC from extraction attacks such as CryptoLocker. However, keep in mind that it is better to use antivirus and antimalware at the same time. By running these two programs together you can ensure the best secure environment for PC in this era.

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