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How To Grow Up Your Youtube Channel Just Follow 15 Easy Steps

Grow Up Your Youtube Channel 

Just Follow 15 Easy Steps

Friends of Assalamu Alaikum. Hope everyone is well. Many of us have YouTube channels and watch them, Subscribe is very rare. But it is important to understand why your view is not increasing. I know though, but I don’t. So my condition is very bad. Anyway, let’s get to the main discussion.
The YouTube Channel does not automatically become a Promote, it has to follow some rules. Follow the steps below:


Planning is required for any job. So first of all decide what video you want to make. You can create Trending Video here that YouTubecan help you find. Then your View and Subscribe will grow much faster

Determine the structure of the title

At YouTube, many of us put any word we want into our own. But did you know that SEO only relies on about 5% of a video’s content on the title? So you have to write a title so that people can watch your video when they search. With respect to the title, follow these:
Your Title must contain the Keyword.
Title must be within 50 Character. (Although YouTube allows 100 words to be written in the title, Google cannot do much SEO over 66 Character.)
In the title, write something that people are easily attracted to.

Description Adhere to some rules when writing

Description of a big part of  YouTube video. So first of all you need to fix the description. Follow the steps below to write a description:
Allows you to write 5000 characters in YouTube Description. So you must use this 5000 Character. But do not fill in the description with unnecessary words.
Description – Put the keyword at the beginning. This is very effective for SEO.
Description Make a few paragraphs.
The first part of the description is interesting.

Following the “Call to Action”

Call to action is to request people to do something. Watching a video just forcing people to do nothing makes all the interest of the video go to the video, and when the video is over, the people leave. So people have to Attract within the video. You can also ask for people to subscribe, like, etc. (or request something in the image above) within the video itself. It’s good to put it in the video because not everyone reads the description. This way people can give Like and even Subscribe if you like your video.

Making contact easier for people

Many do not want to say anything at all, or may need some help. So they have to make arrangements that they can easily find you. For this, along with the description of each video, you will have your social media ID down the right side of your Channel Art. People will be able to contact you and if you treat them in a friendly way, they will subscribe to you.

Creating Proper and Attractive Thumnail

People first look for something outside the tie. So if your Thumnail is beautiful then it will make people interested in going to your video. Don’t make Thumnail smart again. To make it more beautiful, it is a total waste to see the end. And of course, keep in mind that your Thumbnail should be the subject of your video. Otherwise, your video may be completely deleted.

Reduce Video Duration

This does not apply to older YouTubers, who only accept YouTubers. Duration of YouTube video within 5 minutes provides a good view (it’s from research). According to a study of 27, Duration of the best-viewed video was only 1.5 minutes on average.

Using End Screen in Video

YouTube offers you an exciting opportunity to grow your view. So it must be used. At the end of each video, give at least three of your good videos and a shortcut to subscribe to your channel. Then people like to go to your video and it will increase your Watch and Watch Hours. Someone can also subscribe to you by clicking on your channel.

Using Intro and Outro on Video

While not as important as Intro and Outro in video, its contribution to beauty enhancement is immense. Also, when someone comes to a video, the channel name is not seen. From Intro / Outro, he can find the name and then later go to your channel with a search for any need.

Tag each video

People can’t find your video like this, for that any word that people can possibly search for, they will write the word as a tag so people can find your video very easily. In this case you can use various software that will help you find the tag that is trending and go with your video.

Link to your own video on social media

There is no shortage of people on social media, especially on Facebook, so if you see a link to a new video, the moment the view is increased, Subscribe-7 may be gone. Embedding a video is best.

Using Third-Party Promoter

There are some Promoter, which in many cases promotes your channel for free, some sites give you Suggestion. Tube Buddy has become the most popular of all such promoters so far. You can try it if you want.

Using a Third-Party Exchange Site

There are many sites, which allow you to get millions of Subscribe, View and more for free. Here you will get the point by giving the Subscribe, Like, View etc. to others, and likewise you can buy Subscribe, Like, View etc. with this point. Something like this is –
Or, you can use the Sub4Sub App

Upload at least three videos a week

Although it is not very useful, it is thought that frequent video uploads create interest among people watching your video. But if you can’t do that, make sure to give at least one video per week.

Show yourself

This is a very effective step. When you see yourself, your contacts will go to your video and see Like, Share, Subscribe. Moreover, it plays a major role in attraction.
Suggest you so much trouble. But sadly, I don’t have a Subscriber. So please request, please subscribe to my channel –

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