Punkt MP02 Review: 4G minimalist mobile phone 2021

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  • Perfectly planned
  • Utilizations Signal for secure VoIP calling and gathering informing
  • Supports area of interest mode and tying
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  • No actual volume catches
  • Needs band 71 availability
  • Doesn’t uphold cloud sync for contacts, notes, or schedule
  • Signal messages are some of the time deferred
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  • Working System Android 8.1
  • CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 210
  • Dimensions 4.6 by 2.0 by 0.57 inches
  • Screen Size 2 inches
  • Screen Resolution 320-by-240 pixels
  • Battery Life (As Tested) 7 hours 37 minutes
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We originally audited the security-centered Punkt MP02 ($349) back in 2019 and figured the highlights didn’t completely legitimize the cost, however it has improved all-around from that point forward. The 2021 modification of this stripped-down telephone has new programming that improves battery life and adds 4G voice approaching T-Mobile’s organization just as AT&T’s. What’s more, it upholds secure messaging, calls, voice informing, and picture informing through Pigeon, an execution of Signal Private Messenger—a component no other voice telephone has. That warrants a full reassessment.

Doing Nothing, Elegantly

Voice telephones have a few objective business sectors, including guardians, seniors, and computerized disconnectors. The MP02 is planned explicitly for leaders and trendy people who feel they’re excessively dependent on their cell phones and should be compelled to focus on their general surroundings. Accordingly the $349 cost: silly when you consider the insignificant list of capabilities, however sensible if that is the thing that you’re accustomed to spending on a pleasant coat or an end of the week at a B&B.

Punkt is a little Swiss organization. It makes lovely and costly hardware, including a morning timer, a cordless telephone, and a USB charger, that bring out mid-twentieth century plan style. The MP02 is planned by Jasper Morrison, a British item originator who has worked a ton with moderate Japanese brand Muji.

Punkt MP02
Punkt MP02

That actual plan is the best thing about the MP02. A companion of mine facetiously alluded to it as “the number cruncher” because of its round, dark catches, however, I think the catches more bring out Marc Newson’s work or screwy 1980s configuration telephones. In your grasp, it nails the sensation of “telephone ness.”

The matte polycarbonate suspension has a rubbery trapezoidal back. It’s secured against sprinkles, yet it isn’t completely waterproof. At 4.6 by 2.0 by 0.57 inches (HWD) and 3.5 ounces, it fits effectively in your grasp and slips easily into a pocket. The solitary ports on it are a port for associating earphones or a charger (it would appear that USB-C, however, it just works with Punkt’s incorporated embellishments) and nano-SIM card space.

The 2-inch, 320-by-240 transflective screen is intelligible in daylight and has a moderate, text-just interface. The possibly time you at any point see a picture is a point at which somebody sends you an image message. Naturally, it shows the date and time; that is it.

Making Calls, Loudly

The entirety of the significant transporters have plans to kill their 2G and 3G organizations inside the following not many years, so it’s important that a voice telephone work on 4G with voice over LTE, a framework that will suffer for the following decade. At the point when we recently explored the MP02, it just upheld 4G approaching AT&T. The current year’s trying shows it likewise working on T-Mobile and on US Mobile’s T-Mobile organization. It totally doesn’t deal with Verizon, however—three distinctive Verizon SIMs couldn’t associate by any means.

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The telephone has recurrence groups 1/2/4/5/7/12/17, which will be fine for AT&T and numerous T-Mobile clients, however, it needs band 71, which T-Mobile uses for some country inclusion. Organization signal strength isn’t far removed from the other voice telephones I tried, as long as you needn’t bother with band 71. Wi-Fi calling doesn’t work, however, you can in any event associate with Wi-Fi and afterward use Pigeon to call other Signal clients.


Call quality and volume are awesome. The MP02 had the second-most intense earpiece of a bunch of voice telephones I as of late tried, maximizing at 96dB. The speakerphone is on the back, intended to enhance itself marginally by ricocheting off your work area. The sound is discernible and not misshaped, however, it’s somewhat empty. The speaker accomplished 84dB at six inches, which was calmer than some different telephones, yet not terrible. The 17 included ringtones are on the whole shrill signals or chips.

There’s no 3.5mm jack, however, Bluetooth headsets turn out great. Remembered for the crate are a very uncommon single-ear wired headset and a charger, the two of which plug into the base USB-C port. My test unit didn’t work with some other USB-C charger or wired headset I attempted, which is irritating however not a major issue.

Battery life is acceptable: 7 hours, 37 minutes of talk time in our tests on the T-Mobile organization. That is longer than the greater part of the other 4G voice telephones I’ve tried as of late. On reserve, the battery will last in any event seven days.

No Pictures, No Apps

In the engine, the MP02 runs a stripped-down rendition of Android 8.1 with BlackBerry security augmentations on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 chipset. The framework is unrecognizable as Android. “Other than Pigeon/Signal…there are no applications, no following, no area benefits, no sharing,” an organization representative advised me. “Protection and security for one’s very own information are essential to Punkt, and we accept the MP02 is industry-driving in this regard.”

Punkt MP02
Punkt MP02

It takes two ticks to open the MP02: the force button on the top, and afterward the activity button between the route bolts to one side of the keypad. You can add a password on the off chance that you like. Whenever it’s opened, dialing is basic—simply dial. Whatever else is more convoluted. In the event that you get another content, that is down, click, click. Two fast activity catches (to leap to your writings and your location book) just work from the home screen, not from anyplace in the UI. There are no committed volume keys, and changing the volume during a call is a multi-click measure including taking a gander at the screen.

For messaging, you get multilingual prescient content and the capacity to get and see—yet not advance or send—picture messages and emoticon. You’re not going to type anything long on this telephone; on the off chance that you have a great deal to say, it’s ideal to send voice cuts in Pigeon.

Other applications incorporate an alert, a mini-computer, a clock, and a stopwatch, just as schedule and notes applications that are hard to type into and don’t adjust anyplace. The location book’s just sync choice is bringing in VCF records or SIM contacts through USB or Bluetooth. Considering the MP02 runs altered Android, I would have wanted to see cloud-based sync for contacts, occasions, and notes, just as discourse to-message. I don’t figure these comforts would negate Punkt’s disconnector theory, and on other voice telephones, for example, the Nokia 6300 and the Sunbeam F1 Daisy, they have a major effect on convenience.

There’s no camera and no internet browser. There are no games.

The MP02 has one web highlight: It fills in as a (moderate) focal point for your PC or cell phone. Testing on T-Mobile’s organization, I saw about the equivalent download speeds for the MP02, the Nokia 6300, and the Nuu F4L, however, the MP02’s transfer speed was slower: 16.2Mbps down and 7.9Mbps up. A Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in a similar area effortlessly accomplished 172Mbps down and 49Mbps up.

Like the other voice telephones I’ve tried as of late, the MP02 has an absolute minimum of LTE and offers it out utilizing just a 2.4GHz area of interest. In any case, that dovetails with the rule that you ought to get disconnected and going out to play.

Informing, Safely

Presently that informing applications rule the world, voice telephones have an awkward relationship with messaging. All voice telephones can do basic SMS. When you get into bunch informing, however, they by and large self-destruct. This telephone is no exemption: It can get a bunch of messages, yet it can’t answer the gathering, just to the individual sender of every content.

Punkt MP02
Punkt MP02

A few telephones, for example, the Nokia 6300 and the Nuu F4L, tackle this issue by adding Facebook and WhatsApp applications. Computerized disconnectors and the security-disapproved will in general abhor these applications on account of Facebook’s information assortment rehearses. So the course of the MP02 change with Pigeon, its Signal customer. The signal is both open-source and starts to finish encoded, and it considers text, picture, and voice informing just as a secure calling.

Pigeon runs independently from the standard content informing application, yet it utilizes the telephone’s standard contact books. Like the remainder of the MP02’s applications, it has a book just interface that is trying to utilize. You need to peruse a 22-page manual to truly comprehend the application, however, once you do, it functions admirably.

I effectively tried writing, bunch messages, voice messages, and encoded VoIP calls through Pigeon. Messages sent from the MP02 showed up on different telephones quickly, yet approaching messages were here and there deferred for as long as 10 minutes. This may have to do with battery improvements that lessen how often the MP02 pings the Signal worker. Punkt says it’s investigating fixes that will diminish the slack.

Lighter Than Light

Modest voice telephones, for example, the Nokia 225 and the Nokia 6300 don’t actually contend with the MP02. Its nearest rival regarding educated advanced disconnector telephones is the Light Phone II, which I’ll be re-investigating when it gets a product update. The Light Phone II has side volume catches and a touch screen, which makes messaging simpler with an on-screen console. Yet, it’s an odd squarish shape, it’s calmer, and the tying didn’t function admirably when I tried it in 2019.

In case you’re essentially inspired by the MP02 for security reasons, the Sunbeam F1 is additionally worth a search for its limited straightforwardness and Sunbeam’s commitment to information protection.

The Punkt MP02 is an extraordinary-looking gadget that conveys a basic voice insight on both AT&T and T-Mobile with stunningly secure (if in some cases deferred) informing. With its mid-century look and actual catches, the Punkt MP02 fulfills the hankering for current tech with a vintage tasteful. It’s a tasteful method to constrain yourself to disengage.

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  1. I remember my first cellphone which an old Nokia basically a keypad it’s super durable. I think this new phone is pretty good. This is good for people who want to have a break on the online world/internet but still want to have a communication with people. I love the matte look it makes look clean and classy.


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