Walt Disney Biography And One Of The Geniuses Of The World, 15 Unknown Facts About Walt Disney

walt disney biography

Walt Disney! He is the founder of the Disney Company, including the world-famous Park Disney Land. Today I will try to present to you 15 unknown facts about him on FailedBoyBD.com 

His full name was Walter Elias Disney. He was born on December 1, 1901 in Chicago, USA. He was an entertainer, animator, voice actor and film director at the same time! He is known as the pioneer of the American animation industry. The Disney company he founded holds the record for the most singles Oscars. There are 22 Oscars out of 59 nominations for Disney pictures. He was a heavy smoker all his life so he died in 1986 at the age of 85. So let’s not know 15 facts about him that you may not have known before.

1. Come to Hollywood to see your brother

When Disney first came to Hollywood in 1923, he came to see his sick brother. Hollywood was and still is the lifeblood of all the film industry in the world. But Disney’s first visit to Hollywood was not for a picture or cartoon, but to see his sick brother. When he came to see his brother in the hospital and he recovered, he and his brother started Disney Brothers Studio.

2. Negative reviews

When his snow white cartoon was released in 1938, one of the review boards said, “Frankly, Badly Drawn!”! He was one of the best cartoonists in the world. It’s done!

3. Mortimer Mouse

It was named Mortimer Mouse when one of its most popular cartoon characters, Mickey Mouse, was created. But before the release, Disney’s wife wanted to choose a name that was more cute and sounded beautiful. His wife was also a castonist and they named this Mickey Mouse during a train journey. Mickey Mouse is said to have been inspired by a pet from Disney.

4. Validity

Until 1935, Disney was the only animator to have Technicolor licensed to make cartoons! Because Disney had an exclusive deal with Technicolor. So until 1935, he was the only one who could make cartoons using technical technology. Previously, technicolor was used only in Hollywood films, only Disney was licensed alone in cartoons until 1935. However, the funny thing is that later in the cartoon, he also gave the opportunity to his main competitor to use the technique.

5. Nervous

In 1931, he suffered a nervous breakdown due to overwork. His biographer describes him as a moderate workaholic. It is said that he worked in the studio for 20 hours a day. He was later sent on holiday to South Africa to normalize.

6. Denmark theme park

Disney was inspired by a theme park in Denmark for its first Disneyland. The design and practical skills of the staff at Tivoli Garden Park in Denmark fascinated Disney so much that he found the inspiration he needed for Disneyland. He had invested so much money in all his Disneyland that to date they have made almost twice as much profit from all their Disney movies as they do from their parks.

6. 26 Oscars

Disney won a record number of 26 Oscars and a total of 59 Oscar nominations. And no one has been able to break this record until today! He won his first Oscar for a short film in 1932 and was nominated for an Oscar for most of his career.

7. Shame

Although he had a bold look in public, he was very shy in his personal life. He held a certain mentality in a public place and lived his whole private life in a different mentality. He also had a lot of success in life, but he was never satisfied! Interestingly, he also portrayed these depressions in his cartoon characters. Following the release of the Lions cartoon, a biologist sued him for misrepresenting the hyenas.

9. Ice

Some people think that Disney’s body was completely frozen and hidden somewhere in his original Disney Park. But that is not true. His body was cremated at his will, and his remains were dumped in a lake in California. He died of lung cancer at the age of 65 after a lifetime of heavy smoking.

10. Olympic designer

Disney worked as the designer for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1980 Winter Olympics in California. Interestingly, he was invited to perform at the event. In both shows, he showcased his cartoons and theme park management as well as his skillful designing skills.

11. Nazi Tour

In 1938, he gave a tour of his studio to a Nazi. Her name was Leni Riefenstahl. He got this opportunity in the 1938 Olympic Games of Hitler. So Disney also had a reputation as a gentleman. He did not behave rudely against the Nazis.

12. Hate

Mary Poppins creator PL Travers did not appreciate the Disney cartoons based on her character. He did not want any cartoon film to be made about his character. So often he is heard to say that he made a mistake by surviving his character to Disney.

13. Rise and fall

At first he had to hear a lot about one of Disney’s most successful cartoons, Snow White & The Seven Dwarves. Most people in the film industry said that this movie would be the cause of Disney’s downfall. We all know what actually happened! He got the Oscar because of this cartoon picture! Because at that time no one wanted to invest money in making cartoons as long as movies.

14. 45%, 45%, 12%

At the time of his death in 1986, Disney had divided all its assets into three parts: 45%, 45% and 10%. He left 45% for his wife and sons and daughters. He donated the next 45% of his wealth to charity. And the last 10% of the wealth goes to his sister and sister’s children.

15. Big branding

You know what ?! Disney has become a company in itself but has been controlling many big companies in the world! You may not hear about Disney in their promotion, but Disney controls some of the biggest companies in the world. These include Pixar, Vice, abc, ZSPN, Lucas Film, Marvel, Touchstone Home entertainment, The Muppetsm Hollowood Records, Lifetime, History Channel Network, Maker and other companies controlled by Disney.

So Walt Disney had a wonderful personality. Possess a very hardworking and polite character. But he was a smoker and had to leave the world at the age of 65. So I hope you like today’s tune. If he had not been a smoker, he could have gone through much more.

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